What Ages 18-24 Can Learn
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What Ages 18-24 Can Learn
Physical Mental Emotional Social Spiritual

Have reached physical maturity.

Enjoy the greatest physical endurance.

Are usually finished schooling and are working. Need to understand how to properly manage their time, priorities and goals.

Are able to think creatively about abstractions and intangibles.

Understand most figures of speech.

With experience and discipline, become increasingly realistic and reliable.

Should explore many fields but begin to specialize according to ability.

This is a fabulous age level to get more involvement from their growing intellectual curiosity and stimulation. Many teachers can be made from this age level.

Acquire greater depth and breadth in humor.

Are usually able to control emotions by faith, experience, fortitude and rationality.

Are most responsive to challenges that are worthy of their best.

Should be able to assume responsibility in the adult world.

Need to learn the proper roles and relationships in the family unit like how to raise or discipline children. Marriage and its commitment need to be emphasized.

Give full recognition to authority when backed by prestige.

Develop deep personal friendships, have many acquaintances, enjoy mixed groups.

Need interaction among other members. Need to feel useful.

Need the Lord and His Word as the only sure foundation for life.

Need to develop a consistent Christian world and life view.

Young people need to be taught how to combat the teaching and event of our day: freedom of speech, women's lib, drugs, worldliness, evolution etc.

Need to be involved.

Need to know that their faith is their own. Need to be able to defend their beliefs.

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Chapter 8 of "The Lesson Planner"
by Steve & Loreen Rudd
Reproduced with permission    
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